Our Next Chapter

The next chapter in our journey is here. Reveal Livestream:

By stepping away from the "True Gaming Community" name, we are officially putting the past behind us, and focusing on the future with a new mission, and a new goal. This new vision is now... The United Gaming Community.

We've always built communities with the goal of creating a place that brings together people from around the world. A place where they can share, discuss, and experience their passions with others. To Unite People. That is the significance behind this new banner, and this is our goal with our latest community.

The United Destiny Community

The United Destiny Community is the next step for all of us. It is the culmination of several years of experience and hard work. A brand new community, built from the ground up, with a focus on improving the experience we were able to provide with The True Destiny Community, an experience many of you have come to love.

We are taking the several years of knowledge we've garnered and applying it to making the best possible Destiny community yet.

What does that look like? A highly detailed and focused structure with in-depth policies, rules, and an experienced team. Tailored professional video content, weekly livestreams, and organic content that you care about, and much more.

We are building a place that can bring together Guardians from around the world. A place that can Unite us all. A place that we can call home.

We are happy to announce that The United Destiny Community will be available to join... TODAY!

Come join us on this new chapter: www.UnitedDestinyCommunity.com


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